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instead of cleaning floors, we're getting packages ready to be shipped and we're able to meet with customers. >> that project is going to cost $400 million. it's not done yet, there needs to do another similar bypass throughout the napa river this, project combines both river and creek. this project should have been done years ago, scheduled to take five to six years but because they get funding a little bit at a time, it's taken longer, will take several years for this to be finished now. they're pry owing -- trying to protect themselves against a 100 year flood. >> wayne, thank you very much. >> a break in the rain today but more is on the way. >> spencer christian is tracking it live. >> more is on the way. yes. here is a look at the focus to the north, well north. as a matter of fact we see light rainfall now in northern
4:01 pm
mendocino county. a large area of rain off shore moving into our direction. let's take a look back at the storm totals wednesday through sunday, taking a look at the impressive totals. russian river over 16 inches of rain. eight and a third inches in san raf yes. nearly four inches in san francisco and oakland livermore. nearly two and a half in san jose. and in terms of normal rainfall for this time of the season, we're at 200% of average now in sacramento. and well above the normal levels for all other locations around the bay area, we're not at a rainfall deficit now. and not likely to be soon. sheer look at radar satellite posit -- composite image. you can see the next storm not quite so strong as storms we saw over the weekend. it will be wet and i'll show where wet weather will arrive
4:02 pm
in just minutes. >> thank you very much. well, what a difference a day makes in vallejo. you're looking at roads around a mobile home park near fair grounds. residents evacuated as the water rose quickly. and could have used gondolas to get around. the water receded with only mud and debris to indicate this had been a flood plain. a good indication of the severity of the storm moved through. >> and there is a bit of a detour heading downtown. >> big section of roads in lafayette collapsed yesterday during the storm. abc 7 news explains restoring utilities is easy part. >> it's a huge hole in the middle of mountain view drive forced people to tryout new normal today. they now have a detour in morning routine. >> it's extraordinary. i know it's going to add another i don't know. five to 10 minutes of driving
4:03 pm
every day just to get him to school. i can't imagine for everyone else. >> city leaders say it will be this way sometime. >> this will not be used until spring or summer. >> last night, and this morning focusing on getting people utilities up and running. the road collapsed, it receivered water and sewage lines. crews put tubes in place to get water to people which worked but at the patterson house that meant a compromised shower this morning it was weak. i won't want to do that every day, but waits there. >> next to build a temporary storm drain, then, they'll come up with a permanent solution. the thought of living with the giant hole is a bit unnerving to some. >> it's terrifying. i know people are working on it. i've got confidence in the city to take care of it. >> others looking at positive side. this short cut throughout the
4:04 pm
neighborhood has been receivered. >> traffic comes through here, nobody stops at stop signs. >> good news is that everybody who lives in this vicinity can get to work or school by taking just a short detour. >> city officials say they've known this was a problem and now, they're being forced to deal witness. they say they have about $5 million in the fund and thanks to the rainy day, they'll be dipping into that to get this fixed. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 laura anthony will report live. >> mine hill road near scott's valley in santa cruz mountains could be closed sometime after part of the two-lane road washed away yesterday in the rain as you can see here. a portion of one lane is washed away. residents say it is going to
4:05 pm
be inconvenience, not easy. many in the area use roads to access northbound highway 17. >> much of the bay area continues to dry out and clean up after this trio of storms. >> this sky 7 video weigh we want to show you shows toppled trees around san francisco. >> crews cleaning up the mess in the mission district. sam says water was knee deep in the building he manages. he says storm drains can not handle run off. the problem has been around for years. >> this is over there. this is pipes that are so small. it doesn't support the water. the same problem. >> city crews worked into the night, learing away trees that toppled throughout san francisco. public works crews received roughly 40 calls, a power pole snapped in the sunset district.
4:06 pm
>> abc 7 news viewers flooded you reports with great photos of the rain. mirea c sent us this one of a water logged pear orchard. and one cab driver showed us this photo of a tree. great shots. boy. you can e mail your photos to you reports at >> classes will resume tomorrow at a school in marin county that closed today because of storm flooding. >> students in the classrooms being moved to other locations on the white hill middle school campus in fair tax. >> keira clapper has a look at the flood damage. >> three big storms filled this culvert behind the zoom, causing flooding over the weekend. >> we have four classrooms have been fairly filled with debris and mud.
4:07 pm
we'll need our library. >> now, administrators face having to tear out floors and possibly, wall autos we anticipate flooring will be replaced depending on what the damage is if it's going up the wall. we may need to remove furniture attached to the wall z do some additional work. >> classes were cancel forward 6th through 8th grade students. >> we spent three hours our wheel team, managing what we can do. it's hard to close a school. it's never easy decision to make. >> the superintendent tell meez good news is that insurance will cover costs of fixing damage. if administrators have their way, school will be back in session tomorrow, with, or without usage of the four
4:08 pm
classrooms. >> with more rain expected this week, please stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage and don't forget you can track systems any time with live doppler 7 hd. we'll keep you updated on weather. >> happening now police searching for people who fired shots near a school today. police believe it start as a home invasion in coolage avenue. neighbors reported hearing several shots fired. the sound of the shots so clear, administrators immediately put that school on lock down. >> you know, two shots. pop, pop. we got scared and started to hide. but the kids, we can hear the children. so they were outside and screaming. so you can tell it was -- something was going on. >> administrators lifted the lock down about half an hour later. police have not said if anyone was injured. >> police have a suspect in
4:09 pm
custody connected with the days peer yens of an assault of a 16-year-old girl with autism. she walked away from a group home, found three days later beaten and riding a bus in san francisco. she's recovering with her family. police offered no details refusing to identify the suspect or say what the charge is. >> two chp officers recovering this afternoon after flipping their patrol car during a high-speed chase. >> it was incredible. you can see investigators sate chase of a speeding driver began around 3:30 this morning on eastbound 580. and isabel after. >> the officers were closing in. >> area is very concerning. the vehicle looks worse than what injuries are, which are minor. cuts, and bruises but it's not a good experience. >> officers arrested the two
4:10 pm
men when they surrendered. >> happening now, one of three firefighters injured during a crash in orinda is going home today. a doctor cleared him this morning. firefighter kelly morris may need surgery for a fractured leg, knee and foot. steven broadness will require surgery on his foot. all three firefighters were injured respond toong accident on highway 24 yesterday. here is the scene two. vehicles hit the fire engine. the second vehicle rolled into firefighters. a fourth person taken to the hospital and that person is in critical condition. >> port of oakland continues to get extra business today. the strike is creating losses estimated at $1 billion. clerical workers began the strike on tuesday in a contract battle. dock workers honoring picket lines managing to shut down
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most of the terminal autos california swril to keep waiting for the supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. >> this voter approved ban, the court put the case on the agenda for friday. east bay declined to review the decision leaving a lower court's decision intact, legalizing gay marriage in california. the court could decide to take up the legal controversy with a ruling expected by the end of june. >> a lot more to bring you tonight. still ahead at 4:00 is the iphone 5 proving to be a success for apple? may be bigger than first thought. >> prince women yim's life rushed to the hospital. >> and taking a look at live doppler p hd radar. clear now, but more showers heading our way. radar has been busy last 24 hours or so. spencer will let us know when
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the rain is coming in the accu-weather forecast. >> and michael finney will take your questions live on abc 7 and on twitter m finney. >> and taking a look live outside at the traffic situation on the skyway on this monday. the commute just begins to get underway. slow as you can see. not too bad heading into
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welcome back. delta airlines may be getting
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ready to purchase a big stake of virgin atlantic airways. reports say delta is in talks to buy a 49% stake in virgin from singapore airlines. it will not provide any further details. sir richard branson owns a controlling stake and a stake in virgin america, based in sfo. >> a proving -- improving sales for the iphone 5, the investment firm expects apple to sell 47 million of the devices if the current quarter up from the prior forecast of 45 million. the firm says suppliers have improved. as with previous launches apple experiences problems and had a tough time meeting demand. customers ordering online had to wait before getting their devices. many stores were sold out as well. >> more information on the news corp split why facebook is asking for your vote
4:16 pm
tonight. >> willow bay is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, willow. >> hello, dan, carolyn. yes, we're learning more today about that yumming split at news corps. the media giant announced today that veteran journalist robert thompson will be the ceo of the publishing business. thompson is the editor in chief of dow jones. the company will keep the name news corp. entertainment business will be called fox group. news corp agrewed to spin off the assets after pressure from shareholders and the new news corp including "wall street journal" and harper collins in addition to other assets. >> part of the company also said is that it will pull the plug on the daley. and if you use facebook, the social network is asking one billion users to vote on whether or not they should still allowed
4:17 pm
to vote on policy changes at facebook. unless 30% of the users cast ballots, users will lose the right to volt voet on future changes smchl say facebook set a high barre requiring such a large percentage of users to vote before results are binding. >> time warner cable ceo is threatening to drop ra program was low ratings saying distribution on time warner is quote not a birth right. costs soared 30%. stocks well after manufacturing expected last month. your bloomberg silicon valley closed higher. and start up incubator y bomb nine yaitor is cutting the class size, following a
4:18 pm
reduction in the amount of funding. the founder says it just grew too fast. and now, he needs to deal with some short comings. dan, carolyn, back to you. >> more than 350 jobs will be available at abc 7 news job journal event tomorrow. here are just a few companies that will be there. big give sporting goods, new york life and sleep train. it takes place in san jose on gateway place from noon until 4:00 p.m. >> and rain totals are incredible. >> we need a break. more sont way. >> it's a brief break. clouds thickening already. we're going to get wet weather again. in western skies you can see
4:19 pm
clouds after what, for much of the bay area has been a mainly sunny day. rain will be first to arrive. taking a look at live doppler 7 hd. some light rainfall off shore, this is the next system into tomorrow. looks like going to be a rain event. temperatures into upper 50s to around 60 degrees. we'll see northbound lane by early in the morning. by wednesday, rainfall in all parts of the bay area, wednesday going to be a soaker. a drier pattern into the weekend. you can see approaching system here. brings milder air mass with it. let's start at 5:00 we may
4:20 pm
seen rain up into mendocino county. by early to mid morning hours, by 11:00 or so, we should see rainfall straight aheading across most of the north bay into san francisco. notice most of the bay area will be dry by mid day, then, we'll see watches of showers moving but will be widely scattered. then, overnight tomorrow night, into wednesday morning, we can get a organized wave of rain coming through. we'll be looking at rain reaching all parts of the bay area. that rain continues into evening hours, tapering off early thursday morning. and looks like we'll be drying out. by 5:00 rainfall totals will
4:21 pm
be impressive. we'll see perhaps up two to inches of rain by then. into santa cruz mountains three quarters of an inch. low 50s, rela lively mild tonight. highs upper 50s to low 60s. cooler weather up north. where it will be rainier, here is the accu-weather forecast. after wet weather on wednesday, drying out thursday just in time for raiders on thursday night football taking on peyton manning. dry and mild friday. slight chance of showers sunday. dry, milder monday. wet days then we'll start to dry out. >> yeah. yeah. hope it remains that way. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a new heir
4:22 pm
to the thrown. britain's royal family reveals very big baby news. >> oscars still two months away. we'll take you there as stars hit the red carpet. >> and live once again outside looking at the bay bridge, how nice is this? traffic moving ease eyely at this moment. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues in just a moment.
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on behalf of everyone here in the white house, we extend our congratulations to the duke and duchess of cambridge on the welcome news out of london that they're expecting their first child. >> yes. the white house offering congratulations to prince william and kate today. >> yes. exciting stuff. abc news is in london with reaction to this big news. >> baby watch is over. 30-year-old kate middleton aka future queen is about two months pregnant. the duchess of cambridge's country, men, and women, sent well wish autos absolutely wonderful news. i'm delighted for them. i'm sure they'll make brilliant parents. >> it's only been 19 months since the kismts but from the beginning the world has been
4:26 pm
watching for a baby bump. she skipped peanut butter, toasting with water and maybe a hint last week william accepted, william made no secret this is what he wanted. as you told katie couric in may. >> i'm just keen on family. both catherine and i are looking forward to having a family. >> but the pregnancy hasn't been easy. it appears the couple went public earlier than planned. she's in the hospital with a rare condition that causes severe vomiting during pregnancy. kate is expected to recover and it will be a historic pregnancy. for the first time there is no law restricting succession to boys. if she gives birth to a third, that baby will be third in line to the thrown. >> what do you think is in the future? >> brothers and sisters. >> well, let's give them time for the first one. the couple considered the future of the royal family.
4:27 pm
now, their baby is expected to secure the future of the monarchy for decades to come. >> oh, they're abuzz in great britain. katy pery gets a big honor and major a listers get glamd up for an oscar see vent. >> the academy provided a big cheese at the awards. even kristin stewart. stars lined red carpet for a night honoring individual who's made a difference behind the scenes. >> these people made contributions so that is pretty special. >> it's not the contest. that the other one is. this is more and it's the way it was originally. >> it airs sunday here on abc. now, to katy perry honored
4:28 pm
this weekend by the trevor project providing suicide prevention services. a list of celebrities came out to show support. >> we want everybody to have a right to be whoever they choogs to be. there so much work to do and i love that this program focuses on youth having a hard time with it. >>. >> get more headlines right now on >> we've heard about fiscal cliff, but what does it mean to you? owe coming up latest plans both sides offered to avoid it and how much it would cost a family if the nation takes the plunge. >> and what do members of congress and car salesmen have in common? results of a new survey about trust.
4:29 pm
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in an attempt to break the budget stalemate, congressional republicans proposed reducing the debt. >> it did not include taxes on the rich. >> yes. speaker of the house john
4:32 pm
boehner not willing to budge on demands to end the bush year tax cuts but is offering a kbrinl reduction plan as a counter proposal to ending breaks. this afternoon, house speaker spent the president a letter outlining $800 billion through tax reform. but the cuts remain in place. the plan calls for $600 billion in savings from health sources, $300 billion in additional mandatory savings. sound vague to you? abc 7 political analyst says that is part of the game. >> every time you make cuts at this point, you're affecting some constit twensys going to get mad at you. >> the president is asking for $1.6 trillion in new revenue over next 10 years mostly from the rich. speaker boehner offering half of that amount through his tax reforms and if they can't find
4:33 pm
an agreement it means on january 1 nearly every american will pay more income tax, between 2000 and $2400 for average families. san francisco cafe distill, the owner says we can pay that. if his employees have to pay, that would hurt. >> $2400 makes a big difference for employees making between 15s skpdz $20 an hour in the city. >> during a photo op this afternoon, the president ignored questions about the offer. but in a statement white house is rejecting the plan as nothing new. the president not likely to budth on eliminating those tax breaks and for the most republicans seem unwilling to put breaks on the table. >> they're going eye ball to eye ball. the question is who is going to fold, or blink, first? in the end it's likely republicans will have to find a way to fold. >> professor cane believes
4:34 pm
republicans have weaker position in this debate because one senior told abc better not take a host yanl you're not willing to shoot and republicans aren't willing to kill the middle class tax breaks. in order to save the rich. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 taking a look at what going over fits cal cliff will mean for cal klin autos this will get more intense, thank you very much. >> americans apparently dmot have a lot of faith in lawmakers trying to keep us from tumbling off the fiscal cliff. 22 occupation members of congress came in second to last just ahead of car sales people. 8% of the people polled gave car dwreerls a high rating for standards. members of congress received highest parks from just 10% of the surveyed. senators did a bit better. governors ranked 15th.
4:35 pm
nurses most trusted professionals followed by pharmacists and doctor autos california legislature welcomed it's largest batch of freshman lawmakers. 39 new legislateors sworn in at the state capitol today. joining a session. democrats have a super majority for the first time since 1883 in this state, holding 29 of 40 seats. john perez promised to reach out to republican minority. >> i want to state your krois vois is welcome, contributions desired and active services needed. >> early focus will be on a special session called next month to debate implementing the president's affordable health care achblgt san francisco and peninsula remembering a passionate public servant, mike nevin died of cancer after 27 years as a police inspector he
4:36 pm
entered local politics in san mateo county earning a reputation as a compassionate advocate for disadvantaged people, including former criminals. he was the executive director of the service league of san mateo county. mike nevin was 69 years old. >> nasa announced analysis of the first soil samples scooped up by mars rover n a meeting today, nasa says curiosity detected water. nasa says rumors of a blockbuster announcement were incorrect. it landed on a two year search that signs of life existed. >> researchers say water may be linked to increase in food allergy autos also, one thing women can do to help keep our
4:37 pm
brains sharp as we age. >> today q and a is just ahead. you can contact me at finney abc 7. i'll answer questions here, live, later. >> yes. clouds are beginning to thicken again, meaning more rain is on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> outside we go. take a look at traffic on 80. you can see sticky moving in both directions. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues here in just a moment. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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checking healthy living news a study finds food allergies may be linked to pesticides found in tap water, researchers say a chlorine found in certain pesticides could be causing food allergies by killing a bacteria in human digestive systems. the number of teens with allergies increased by about three million accord together cdc. this is still too preliminary to suggest that americans should change their drinking water habits. >> here is a possible health boost two. stud gees find
4:41 pm
vitamin d seems to protect mental health in women. women that developed alzheimer's disease had lower vitamin d intakes. researchers in france came wupt same findings. there is no recommended dosage of vitin min d. earlier studies set a maximum of 4,000 ius as a daily limit. >> twitter fans will soon are v.a new high profile person to follow, pope benedict 16th. vatican says the pope will respond live to questions about faith. >> twitter handle is means pope. it means bridge builder. it suggests unity. the pope united with catholics but all men and women of goodwill.
4:42 pm
the pope sent his first tweet last year. part of the efforts to spread the faith. >> nice to see the sun said. we needed it for our mood and to dry out and clean up. >> our upbeat mood is about to return. there is rain in parts of mendocino county. more of it that hasn't pushed on land yet. there is some rain around man chafter and along highway 1. it's moving this way. you can see image of the next storm out to sea at the moment. will bring mild air witness. arriving during overnight and
4:43 pm
early morning hours. weather looks like this. some rain developing again, high temperatures into northern part of the state tomorrow into upper 50s to low 60s. rest of the state tomorrow will be mainly dry, mild especially way down south. here in the bay area, highs only into 50s tomorrow, perhaps up to about 60s here in the city. we'll see highs into low to mid-60s so a mixed bag tomorrow, mainly a wet day for north bay. wednesday, following day looks wet for all of us. >> 49ers went on a shopping spree. >> yes. an event that has become a tradition for niner autos
4:44 pm
first, left overgift cards? from last holiday season? here is a question. sit still good? up next, i'll answer that question and others that
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4:46 pm
4:47 pm
welcome back. michael finney is answers questions tonight thu facebook, twitter and e mail. >> first comes from jamie l, asking i a gift card from christmas ask haven't used it. do gift cards expire? >> there is nothing you wanted to buy over 12 months? come on. you need to get out of the house more. look, if your card comes from an individual store or a chain, it cannot expire in the state of california. now, a whole bunch of other states copied us. if you have it here, pretty much it doesn't expire, they're not allowed tolg after and can't throw fees on it and junk until the card goes unr unused 18 months and it's worth less than $5 so here is the exemption. if it's a bank card, they're allowed to a lot of tricks because that is regulated by
4:48 pm
the federal government. they can do the $5 every month, after 12 months and all of that. they're talking about changing the will you laws. they haven't but you're probably okay with that card at some this point, but use it yes. >> more attention, paul v writes does the fda have laws limiting amount of saturated fats or cholesterol allowed in a serving of pd food? >> they can not. only regulations is prepared foods have to have a box. other than that, they can put anything in it they want. >> i'm in the process of fighting a plumber for a water heater problem. does the lemon law apply to water heaters? >> kind of. there is a different one. it says if you buy a product it has to operate as you would expect it to. you ought to be able to sit in a chair.
4:49 pm
people stand on a chair and screw a light bulb, it should be able to do that. it should be heating water. 10 years from when you bought it, stuff is allowed to break. but if you're early on, supposed to heat it. >> and hot enough for to you take a shower. a recall for a popular item told soeld at trader joe's. recalling nearly 5,000 pounds of frozen butter chisen with rice because of listeria concerns. the code is 2012-10-31 and have a lot number of 30512. the recall latest to hit trader joe's stores. retailer issued recalls for peanut butter and bbq chicken salad this year. the peanut butter plant today
4:50 pm
the federal government said they cannot reopen. >> really? >> yes. >> that is severe. >> that is. >> thank you. >> and a group of children in the bay area went on a holiday shopping spree. >> it's not only what they bought but with whom they bought it that is a thrill. >> in abc 7 newsroom a surprise from a company making tiny toys. plus, the fair comes to town to settle world series wager made. who will benefit from this friendly bet.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
peyton manning will bring broncos to raiders day. we'll broadcast live from the oakland coliseum. things kick off with a special pregame edition at 4:00.
4:54 pm
the game begins at 5:00. 49ers today, playing host to some children in a heart warming shopping spree in san jose. abc 7 news joins us live from the target store. there was a commotion this afternoon. karina? it was, indeed. insiftd store this, is the sixth year for the shop with the player program. and this year benefited deserving families. it's not unusual for children to have a wish list. but at the top are gifts for families. >> trance formers for my little brother. >> five players showed up dressed as santa's helpers. >> this is all about the kids. any time it's about kids, i'm all for it. >> every kid got to spend a $300 visa card and a shopping adventure they'll never forget.
4:55 pm
>> it's very, very, very exciting. because i never have been up close to a 49er before. >> what each child has seen is homelessness. why is why they have the families in transitional housing. it's grateful for partners like target, visa and 49ers. >> they're saying we know homelessness is a problem wex want to be part of the solution. >> from dog collars to video games and a vacuum qleern, money is well spent. >> clothes for my brother and sister. they'll have more stuff to wear to school. >> some biggest stars say giving back to those less fortunate reminds everyone what is important this holiday season. >> the only thing have you to hold on to is your family. they keep family first. >> for the players success today was not measured in touch downs. those who didn't know how to
4:56 pm
say thank you found a way. >> that smile says it all. >> yes. i know. it's beautiful. >> getting it for my mom. she loves me. >> and pilar does have a beautiful smile. everybody was feeling the love today. the kids were able to peck out items for themselves. >> holiday spirit can be found along rural highways in iowa. someone has been deck railting evergreen trees by the side of the road. that elf is still at it now at age 84. her new husband says he enjoys it because otherwise he'd be home, watching tv. the couple deck rates 60-150 trees per year. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:57 pm
remember abc 7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your an droid. you can down load it for free and is still available on iphone, if you have one. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> big job repairing a street that collapsed during a storm. why this may be a short term fix. >> i'm sandhya patel. live from roof of the kgo broadcast center, i'll show you how much rain previous storms brought. how the next storm will be different. >> tiny toy maker delivers a surprise to a boy saving pennies only to find lego sets were discontinued. >> nasty storm related sink hole is causing problems tonight.
4:58 pm
good evening. that gaping hole needs months of repair and mountain view drive is going to be a mess for a while. abc 7 news joins us now, laura he is it true repairs can take until spring? >> that is right. the main problem here which is the sink hole just up the street here, crews still out there as we speak. latest update is that lines, water, power, and for the most part, sewer have been restored to the residents in this area except for water, i'm told. a few residents up the hill here. big concern is making sure that this area can handle another round of rain tomorrow, without more problems. the clean up continues before repairs can begin along mountain view drive. one day after steady down pours ripped a section of the roadway that runs over a creek.
4:59 pm
jeffrey lives close by, but didn't get out to see the faibd's newest feature, until today. >> oh, my gochld i live up the street. and... i didn't know. >> the city predicts it may not be until spring until repaired. first order of business is stopping the next flow of rain. >> all but one water line has within addressed. there is one water line that needs to be fixed, or cutoff. so that is what we're going to do today. >> those who live here will probably have to get used to the sight of the sink hole, trucks and equipment that moved in to repair it. >> this can take weeks and months to fix its going to be rough. rough for people there, that is for sure. >> and so now this road will

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